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A new day some more polls and Québec election analysis

A new poll by Forum Research, the same group that released a poll right after the first debate that showed the Liberals in the lead at 35 % has come out showing the PQ back at 33 %, the Liberals … Continue reading

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CROP Québec election telephone poll PQ 33%;CAQ28%; PLQ 26%; Undecided 18 %

The latest poll in the Québec election conducted by CROP using a weighted sample survey  of 1002 telephone interviews with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 19 times out of 20 appears to confirm the PQ vote at … Continue reading

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A Léger -Journal de Montréal poll has PQ at 33%,CAQ at 28,Liberals 27 % and QS at 7 %

This latest poll was taken after the recent debates and suggests if the percentages held up on election day that the PQ would win a minority government. The PQ are heavily in the lead among francophones and in the seats … Continue reading

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Legault puts Marois on the spot over referendum timing and lack of a full budget costing of her program

The confrontation between François Legault, the leader of CAQ and Pauline Marois the leader of the PQ was heated as many expected. In the early part of the debate the fact that both parties have skeletons in their funding closet … Continue reading

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Charest scores well in one on one debates against Marois and Legault

Jean Charest has now completed his cycle of three debates against the other party leaders. Once again he showed himself to be a skilled debater strongly defending himself against attack and inflicting some damage of his own on his opponents. … Continue reading

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Debate no clear winner;Charest holds his own; David makes impression as sovereignist alternative; Legault combatitive but not always convincing; Marois both under and on the attack

The first of four leader debates in the Québec election has taken place. There was no clear winner. Françoise David exceeded expectations and perhaps she will win her seat and perhaps Québec Solidaire will chip away at some of the … Continue reading

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Québec Liberals lose ground to CAQ; PQ up slightly in latest polls

The Québec electoral horse race just grew more complex with the latest polls showing a narrowing of the gap between the Liberals and the CAQ with the PQ pulling slightly further ahead. The poll done by well established  Québec pollsters … Continue reading

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President Obama has smallest increase in government spending compared to Reagan, Bush 1,Clinton or Bush 2 according to Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal in its Marketwatch section has pointed out that contrary to the tea party claims President Obama has had the smallest increase in government spending of Presidents going all the way back to Ronald Reagan. Here are … Continue reading

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Québec election:Liberals vulnerable in 23 ridings;7 to the CAQ,16 to PQ

The latest polling numbers continue to show the PQ narrowly ahead of the Liberals with the CAQ in third position about 8 percentage points back. In the last election the Liberals captured 66 seats, the PQ 51 and the ADQ … Continue reading

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Olympic performance reflects population, GDP per capita, training and coaching, x factor and luck , of course.

Every Olympic games many of us respond with national pride and pleasure at the achievement of our young athletes.The recent women’s soccer football match between Canada and the U.S.A. was a thrilling match in which Canada as the underdog  came … Continue reading

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