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Corbyn wins significant victory returned as UK Labour party leader:fallout from crash continues

Jeremy Corbyn the embattled socialist leader of the Labour party has won a major victory in the second battle for leadership of the Labour party. He defeated his more centrist challenger Owen Smith by a margin of 62% to 38%. … Continue reading

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Boris Backs Britain Away From Austerity

The colourful Tory mayor of London, Boris Johnson has come out forcefully in opposition to the disasterous austerity policies that are at the centre of  Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s economic strategy. Following in the tradition of British Conservative … Continue reading

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Triple witching hour for austerity:Hollande wins in France, Labour in Britain, anti-austerity in Greece.

A small but significant earthquake has occurred over the past few days in Europe. The victory of the Socialist party in the Presidential race combined with the election results in Greece along with the drubbing of the Conservative and Liberal … Continue reading

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Vive le Québec social et progressif ! : the conflict over higher university tuition fees in Québec

There has been a significant clash over values and higher education taking place in Québec over the past few weeks. There is an on going student strike and there  have been daily demonstrations at many of the university campuses in … Continue reading

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The roots of the American Federal Reserve and the Progressive era:Useful history to guide us in the current crisis

Among the few 1000 books in my library is a blue covered paperback with a green and black business cycle imposed on it with a photo of President Woodrow Wilson in the last peak to trough. I bought this book … Continue reading

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