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President Trump selects Jerome Powell as new Fed chair replacing Janet Yellen

In what may well turn out to be a controversial decision President Trump has broken with precedent and decided not to reappoint Janet Yellen to a second term as Fed chair despite praising her for her excellent work as chair. … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrat Bill de Blasio wins New York Mayoralty Race in a Landslide.

New York city has once again pointed the way forward for liberal political aspirations in the United States. In an election that will have repercussions far beyond its borders,52 year old Bill de Blasio has captured the New York mayoralty … Continue reading

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Montreal’s election important for future of economy

Montreal is one of the three great metropolises of Canada. Along with Toronto and Vancouver,  Montréal has a larger than life presence in the la vie quotidienne of millions of people in Canada. Toronto has a population in its census … Continue reading

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Washington coming to its senses ? Canadian unemployment falls to 6.9 %. Alice Munroe wins Nobel Prize for literature

Amazingly the the government shutdown in the U.S. which began October 1, 2013 continues despite some serious efforts at negotiating an end to it, the restoration of services and a short term six week respite on the debt ceiling deadline … Continue reading

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The long hot summer recovery continues

I have been away from my blog and web site for  an extended period, last posting at the close of June. I will be resuming a more frequent schedule beginning next week. A heck of a lot has transpired both … Continue reading

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Poli 349 Fall 2012

Under construction: Poli 349 Fall 2012 POLITICS 349 Fall 2012 Professor Harold Chorney Concordia university Chorney@alcor.concordia .ca office hours Tuesday 5:10 to 6 :10 This course explores the deep seated search for community in the context of the debate between … Continue reading

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