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Mark Carney chosen to head the Bank of England: Bold Decision Big Challenges Ahead

The Decision of the British government to appoint the Canadian central banker Mark Carney as the new Governor of the Bank of England , the crown jewel of central banks, is a bold decision by Chancellor George Osborne and PM … Continue reading

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Obama wins decisive but narrow victory in both popular vote and electoral college.

This past week’s American election marks an important historical turning point. A broadly based multi-cultural multi-lingual diverse lifestyle progressive 21st century  coalition won a narrow but decisive victory over a much more conservative traditional 20th century coalition. Both sides worked … Continue reading

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President Obama leans across finish line just ahead of Romney

I have followed American Presidential politics and elections ever since as a young boy I lamented the defeat of Adlai Stevenson by Dwight D.Eisenhower in 1956.American elections despite their blemishes remain vibrant and exciting . American democracy despite the corruption … Continue reading

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