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Market mayhem driven by irrational traders’ fear;Canada Needs to Increase fiscal stimulus

The last week on the global stock markets has been a case study in how prone to irrational mood swings the financial markets can be. The film The Big Short based on Michael Lewis’s book of the same name provides … Continue reading

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Poli 610 course outline fall 2017 Macroeconomic policy after Keynes, Friedman and the crash of 2008 (under construction)

Pol. 610  Macro-economic policy-making after Keynes Concordia University fall 2017 Prof. H. Chorney tel. 848 2424 ext.2106  e mail Office hours tba This course is an intensive examination of macro-economic policy-making and macro-economic theory in the light of recent … Continue reading


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Poli 349 winter 2016 course outline: The City and social and political theory (under construction)

Poli 349 AA (4645):Political and social theory and the city Course outline winter 2016 .Professor Harold Chorney Thurs 6-8:15 Jan 6-April 12 Posted on Jan 2, 2016 This course focuses on the rise of the metropolis and its links to … Continue reading

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Poli 489, 2016 the political economy of Inequality :course outline

Poli 489 Course outline (under construction) Professor Harold Chorney Wed. H634 1:15-4:00 The real estate bubble and the crash of 2007 -09 uncovered serious strains in the economic and social fabric of global capitalism. The recovery from what turned out … Continue reading

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