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The Passing of Abe Rotstein a Polanyi pioneer and leading member of the U of Toronto nationalist political economy school: Britain enters deflation

Abe Rotstein one of Canada’s outstanding political economists and a leading founder of the Canadian nationalist school of political economy centred in Toronto  passed away last month at the age of 86. The Globe and Mail had a full page … Continue reading

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The British economic recovery and Osborne’s austerity: Ferguson wrongly blames Keynes for Labour’s Loss

The Ft has published a piece by Harvard historian Niall Ferguson in which he makes the false claim that George Osborne, the British chancellor followed the correct policy in his austerity program because the British economy recovered. Labour should blame … Continue reading

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Electoral Roof falls in on Ed Miliband, Cameron wins 331 seats a clear majority:Polls Mislead.

Despite a hard fought campaign by Ed Miliband and polls which had suggested a neck and neck race in the British election the British Tories led by David Cameron have won a majority government in yesterday’s British election. The election … Continue reading

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NDP wins big in Alberta, Conservatives trounced, Wild Rose Official Opposition: Foreshadowing of things to come ?

Well the polls were largely correct within the margin of error. A forty plus year Progressive Conservative dynasty in Alberta crumbled into the historical dust as the dream of the late Grant Notley leader of the NDP in Alberta from … Continue reading

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Labour and UK conservatives tied at 33 % each. Alberta NDP poised to win election according to polls

The latest polls in Alberta show the NDP on the road to electoral victory. According to T.C.Norris the party should win between the low 40s to mid 50s in seats in the Alberta legislature giving them at the very least … Continue reading

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Electoral winds are blowing in Alberta and the United Kingdom: Nick Clegg repeats absurd Greek comparison nonsense

Electoral winds are blowing strongly in both Alberta and in Great Britain. The Alberta provincial election occurs on May 5th (also my daughter’s birthday and co-incidentally that of Karl Marx ). Despite protestations to the contrary by some Alberta conservatives, … Continue reading

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