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Keynes’s Fundamental Equations From The Treatise on Money

The symbols used in A Treatise on Money are somewhat different from the General Theory  and for those who are familiar with GT but not the Treatise are a little confusing at first. See both Keynes’s A Treatise on Money vol.1 ch.10 … Continue reading

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”Entitlement”programs is a loaded term:Social Democratic Minimum is a Better More Accurate One

During the fiscal cliff negotiations in the U.S. one hears the term ”entitlement” programs frequently. This is of course an ideologically loaded term that by its very nature seeks to suggest that basic social democratic minimum programs like health care, … Continue reading

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US Unemployment Rate Falls to 7.7% from 7.9%:Positive trend continues

  The latest U.S. unemployment rate shows a continuation of the positive trend of lower unemployment and a gradually healing eeconomy. The headline rate for November 2012 dropped two tenths of a percentage point to 7.7 % from its October … Continue reading

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Hoarding, speculation and the problem of unemployment

The classical school of economics always argued that wages would adjust to clear gluts of unemployed workers over a reasonably short period of time and that cash would not be hoarded but used to purchase bonds or otherwise spent on … Continue reading

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