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Léger internet poll of 3692 participants in Quebec: Liberals ahead 40% to PQ 33%, CAQ 15, QS 9%

Another  internet election  poll in Québec this one by Léger was  published this morning . It surveyed 3692 people from an internet panel weighted by region, gender, linguistic status and age to resemble the Québec electorate. The results are similar … Continue reading


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The electoral swingometer returns to Quebec

The late Robert Mackenzie a Canadian political scientist who made his career in London introduced a cute technique for measuring the liklihood of a given constituency falling into a different party’s hands on election day. So if the swing from … Continue reading

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Latest Québec election poll shows sharp rise in Liberal intended vote:Margin over PQ grows to more than 12 % points

There have been several polls in the last three days which show the Liberal likely vote share rising while that of the PQ has been falling. Three of these polls are internet samples from an on line affinity group of … Continue reading

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Quebec election debate: informative but also a loss for Pauline Marois. Couillard,Legault and David hold their own.

Last night’s Quebec provincial election debate (the election is April 7) was very informative and mostly operated on substance with each party leader defending their turf, attacking their opponents in a polite manner but also revealing their differences on a … Continue reading

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Ukraine situation grows more confrontational:Russian forces occupy Crimea Western countries warn of consequences

The situation in the Ukraine grows more dangerous by the hour as Russian forces have appeared to occupy strategic points on the Crimean peninsula. Russia claims they are there to protect the Russian speaking population which composes 60 % of … Continue reading

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