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Quebec election English language debate no clear winner but debate is substantive , some sharp differences emerge.

The party leaders all acquitted themselves reasonably well given the challenge of debating in English the complex problems and challenges that Quebec faces.This was more difficult for Manon Massé,the representative of Quebec Solidaire and perhaps, also at times a bit … Continue reading

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Montreal elects environmentalist and left of centre Valerie Plante as its next mayor

Montreal where I have lived ever since 1982 when I moved here from Toronto has once again turned to the left and to bicycle riding environmentalists and community activists for its new mayor and governing party. The election turnout was … Continue reading

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Liberals ahead in latest polls in Quebec election

There have been three new polls in the Quebec election which suggest that Liberals are definitely ahead in voter intentions. The first of these polls was conducted among Francophone voters only. It shows the PQ with 36 % of the … Continue reading

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The electoral swingometer returns to Quebec

The late Robert Mackenzie a Canadian political scientist who made his career in London introduced a cute technique for measuring the liklihood of a given constituency falling into a different party’s hands on election day. So if the swing from … Continue reading

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Canadian employment falls by 21,900 but headline unemployment rate falls to 7.0 %

Statistics Canada has released its latest Labour force survey for the month of January. It shows that unemployment has fallen to 7.0 % but there are 21,900 fewer people employed and the fall in the headline rate is due to … Continue reading

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CROP Québec election telephone poll PQ 33%;CAQ28%; PLQ 26%; Undecided 18 %

The latest poll in the Québec election conducted by CROP using a weighted sample survey  of 1002 telephone interviews with a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points 19 times out of 20 appears to confirm the PQ vote at … Continue reading

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Québec Liberals lose ground to CAQ; PQ up slightly in latest polls

The Québec electoral horse race just grew more complex with the latest polls showing a narrowing of the gap between the Liberals and the CAQ with the PQ pulling slightly further ahead. The poll done by well established  Québec pollsters … Continue reading

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Premier Charest calls election September 4th :PQ and Liberals neck and neck

Premier Jean Charest the leader of the provincial Quebec Liberal party has called a provincial election for September 4, 2012. The last election was held December 8, 2008. Charest won last time with a small majority of the seats. But … Continue reading

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Spanish banks bail out, French parliamentary elections, Unemployment rises in Europe,Canadian unemployment stable but still too elevated.

A lot of information to process. Most of it not good. The best although mixed news comes from France where the first round of the parliamentary elections showed a strong showing by Francois Hollande’s socialist party which garnered about 29.35% … Continue reading

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The Ghost of Maurice Duplessis

The Québec conflict over access to higher education and the refusal of the embattled Liberal party government of Jean Charest to compromise the principal of a major increase in fees has reached a critical point. With the adoption by the … Continue reading

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