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Europe moves closer to Quantitative Easing:Inflation falls to 0.3% Carlo Bastasin suggests a useful policy tool

The latest inflation data for the Eurozone shows inflation at only 0.3 %. Many analysts are beginning to worry that prolonged low inflation will reinforce economic stagnation (See the analysis of Gavin Davies in the Financial times on this.) An … Continue reading

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Deficit hysteria in Québec:Facts versus Fictions, Net debt to GDP based on accumulated deficits 33%

QUEBEC’S DEBT COMPARISONS WITH OTHER GOVERNMENTS IN CANADA Let’s compare Québec’s debt with the debt of the other governments in Canada, by using the two main debt concepts. The headline number which is largely meaningless because it ignores the value … Continue reading

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An insightful piece on Manitoba’s political crisis and the problem with sales taxes :see T.C.Norris on blogger.

My original home province of Manitoba is currently embroiled in considerable political controversy over a broken election promise not to increase the sales tax and the fate of its NDP Premier Greg Selinger . As T.C. Norris aka Paul Barber … Continue reading

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Historical data on US unemployment:75 months ago unemployment was 5.8 %

One of the most important features of a recession is the length of time it takes for the unemployment rate once elevated to return to its pre recession lows. The US Bureau of Labor statistics fortunately keeps an excellent time … Continue reading

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Good news:Unemployment falls to 6.5 % in Canada,5.8% in United States

The U.S. Bureau of Statistics and Statistics Canada released the unemployment numbers and their respective monthly labour force surveys this morning and the results are good. Its a pity the American electorate didn’t see the numbers before the mid term … Continue reading

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Japan increases its use of Quantitative Easing in effort to overcome deflation:stocks rise in response,Keynes on front cover of Business Week

The Governor of the Bank of Japan(BOJ) several days ago announced that the Bank would greatly increase its purchase of government debt financing bonds and expand its asset base and thereby its monetary base in a major effort to reverse … Continue reading

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