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A little inflation would go a long way to helping reduce unemployment:The natural rate of unemployment versus the natural rate of inflation

Almost a decade ago in 2004 I gave a paper at a conference on Social policy as if people matter organized by progressive economists and policy analysts at Adelphi university. One of the keynote speakers was Joseph Stiglitz. My paper … Continue reading

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The temporary end to shenanigans in Washington; Health care rollout blues;privacy undone;sequestration continues and global recovery slows

Well the last minute end to the Washington showdown on the government shut down and raising the debt ceiling crisis brought to the world by the Tea party Republicans has ended, thankfully at least until next February. There is certainly … Continue reading

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Washington coming to its senses ? Canadian unemployment falls to 6.9 %. Alice Munroe wins Nobel Prize for literature

Amazingly the the government shutdown in the U.S. which began October 1, 2013 continues despite some serious efforts at negotiating an end to it, the restoration of services and a short term six week respite on the debt ceiling deadline … Continue reading

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U.S. government Shutdown Irrationality & higher Unemployment in Europe:A very bad combination

The long predicted but nevertheless very foolish self inflicted irrational Tea party Inspired shutdown of all but essential U.S. government services has occurred as of midnight last night, Washington time. It is difficult to predict how long it will last … Continue reading

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