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Italian referendum could trigger resignation of Prime Minister Renzi and follow on banking crisis.

This Sunday the Italian people vote on a referendum to restructure the constitution to diminish the power of the regional governments and the Senate and “modernize” Italian governing structures. Mr. Renzi has made victory in the referendum a personal goal … Continue reading

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François Fillon right wing austerian Republican defeats centrist Alain Juppé in party presidential primary in France 67% to 33 %

The die is now cast in the Republican opposition party in France . François Fillon ran on a budget slashing austerity program and defeated Alain Juppé decisively for the party presidential candidature. The election will be next year and the … Continue reading

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Fidel Castro Has Died. Born August 13, 1926 he was an Heroic Figure to some an authoritarian Caudillo to others but also a major figure on the world stage for 60 years.

The whole history of Latin America in particular and the cold war in general bears the imprint of Fidel Castro’s influence. Canada despite clear ideological differences over democracy, freedom of speech and human rights was a friend of Cuba and … Continue reading

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Jill Stein raises cash to finance recount in Michigan,Wisconsin and Pennsylvania where vote is very close and computer scientists and analysts worry vote tampering might have occurred.

There is a fundraising campaign underway to raise 2.5 million dollars to finance a recount in three key battleground states with a total of 46 electoral college votes. The Green party chief Dr.Jill Stein has already raised 1.9 million $ … Continue reading

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Hillary wins the popular vote but Trump wins the electoral college and the Presidency: Shocking surprise outcome for most Americans and observers

Well forgive me if I state ‘I told you so” but as I was not shocked by the result in the Presidential election. I knew a close race and a narrow Trump victory was a definite possibility. Indeed, I wrote … Continue reading

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An American Tradition:Dixville Notch votes at midnight. Results announced shortly thereafter

An endearing American tradition will take place again in the tiny Hamlet of Dixville Notch New Hampshire at midnight. The Presidential election polls will open at midnight and the votes will be counted shortly thereafter, since only 12 people live … Continue reading

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Potentially a tie despite the gap in the national polls: state by state polls suggest a very close race

The latest state by state polling results in the US presidential race suggest that on the eve of the election there is a plausible scenario which would result in one toss up state determining the election or even more extraordinary … Continue reading

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Race down to the wire :Trump visits Minnesota where populism has a long history; FBI chief clears Hillary stating the agency has reviewed the latest batch of e mails and their review does not change their July opinion

The polls suggest a close race perhaps getting closer by the hour. As part of that last minute race both candidates are making whirlwind tours of both battleground states and several ones thought originally to be safe blue states. One … Continue reading

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