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Poli 463 course outline (under construction) fall 2017

2017 poli 463 course outline under construction Posted on August 24 2017 by haroldchorneyeconomist Poli 463/ 2017 (under construction) Poli 463/2 fall 2013 course outline under constructionPoli 463/2 Government and Business course outline Keynes versus monetarists before and after the crash of 2008 … Continue reading

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Poli 610 course fall 2017 outline (under construction)

Pol. 610  Macro-economic policy-making after Keynes Concordia University fall 2017 Prof. H. Chorney tel. 848 2424 ext.2106  e mail Office hours tba This course is an intensive examination of macro-economic policy-making and macro-economic theory in the light of recent … Continue reading

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What an incredible last eight months

I last posted something on my site other than a course outline more than six months ago. I felt a long period of reflection was necessary for me as the amazing state of the world and North America in particular … Continue reading

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