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Liberals propose progressive major investments in infrastructure financed by appropriate temporary deficit spending

Finally there has been an important Keynesian proposal that breaks with the  obsessive misguided fiscal orthodoxy of the other two leading parties in Canada’s federal election.Both the Conservatives and the NDP insist they will not in any circumstances run deficits … Continue reading

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Stock market turbulence and financial instability once more in play: Irrational behaviour at the core

As party leaders in Canada fall over themselves to pledge their fiscal conservatism, with the possible exception in certain respects of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau global markets have gone through a crushing drop of 1000 points in the Dow on … Continue reading

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Who pays the corporate income tax ? Shareholders or Workers ?

One of the hot topics sure to come up during the election campaign and the debates is the issue of taxation. The two opposition parties both are proposing increases in taxation .But their plans differ. The Liberals want to increase … Continue reading

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Canadian election underway:Close race according to polls; deficit hysteria plagues all three of the major parties

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited the Governor General on Sunday requesting Parliament be dissolved and a general election called for Oct 19. This unleashed what will be a 78 day campaign the longest in history since the nineteenth century. … Continue reading

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