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The end of an era ? Margaret Thatcher passes away A controversial but also creative force in British politics is gone.

Margaret Thatcher, an elemental force of great magnetism but also great negative consequences, has passed away. She enters history as an extraordinary politician and certainly one of the great figures on the Tory side of British politics. From my liberal … Continue reading

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”Entitlement”programs is a loaded term:Social Democratic Minimum is a Better More Accurate One

During the fiscal cliff negotiations in the U.S. one hears the term ”entitlement” programs frequently. This is of course an ideologically loaded term that by its very nature seeks to suggest that basic social democratic minimum programs like health care, … Continue reading

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I’m Back

Well its nice to be back on line after the hacker attack my e mail and blog suffered from last week. My blogspot site was attacked and although one can still visit it and view its contents I decided for … Continue reading

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