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High employment deficit or surplus key to understanding how deficit finance can work to promote growth and lower unemployment: How to escape deficit hysteria .

The orthodox dogma about deficits is that they are “always very bad witness Greece”. This is the claim of the austerity obsessed fiscal conservatives. But what a lot of the advocates of this position seem to ignore is that this … Continue reading

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The new imperial order in Europe: financial gunboat diplomacy and the decline of European civilization

The diktat imposed by Germany and its neo-con vassal states upon Greece in these recent hours conjures up correctly I think the days of imperial excesses in Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth century by the western powers where servitude … Continue reading

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The Terrible Return of Financial Authoritarianism:US and Canada have a role to play in Overcoming It.

It may well be that a third “bailout” pact will be successfully negotiated over the weekend with Berlin and the European conservatives as usual calling the shots forcing the Syriza Government to discredit itself in the eyes of its voters … Continue reading

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The founding of the United States, the emergence of its currency and lessons for the Greek crisis.

Many people are unaware of the monetary and currency roots of the American Revolution. Most know about the revolt over unfair taxation without representation that inspired the American tea party incident in Boston harbour. But the revolt was also about … Continue reading

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