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President Obama has smallest increase in government spending compared to Reagan, Bush 1,Clinton or Bush 2 according to Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal in its Marketwatch section has pointed out that contrary to the tea party claims President Obama has had the smallest increase in government spending of Presidents going all the way back to Ronald Reagan. Here are … Continue reading

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Québec election:Liberals vulnerable in 23 ridings;7 to the CAQ,16 to PQ

The latest polling numbers continue to show the PQ narrowly ahead of the Liberals with the CAQ in third position about 8 percentage points back. In the last election the Liberals captured 66 seats, the PQ 51 and the ADQ … Continue reading

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Olympic performance reflects population, GDP per capita, training and coaching, x factor and luck , of course.

Every Olympic games many of us respond with national pride and pleasure at the achievement of our young athletes.The recent women’s soccer football match between Canada and the U.S.A. was a thrilling match in which Canada as the underdog  came … Continue reading

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US unemployment disappoints;employment up 163000, headline unemployment rate 8.3 %; U6 15.0%.

The latest data for unemployment and employment growth in the U.S. confirms that the U.S. is creating enough jobs to absorb new entrants to the labour market but not enough to lower the unemployment rate. In fact, both the headline … Continue reading

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Premier Charest calls election September 4th :PQ and Liberals neck and neck

Premier Jean Charest the leader of the provincial Quebec Liberal party has called a provincial election for September 4, 2012. The last election was held December 8, 2008. Charest won last time with a small majority of the seats. But … Continue reading

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