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Poli 489 2018 course outline Advanced seminar on inequality Prof. Harold Chorney

Poli 489 Course outline (under construction) Professor Harold Chorney Wed. H633-1 18:00- 20:15 The real estate bubble and the crash of 2007 -09 uncovered serious strains in the economic and social fabric of global capitalism. The recovery from what turned … Continue reading

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Montreal elects environmentalist and left of centre Valerie Plante as its next mayor

Montreal where I have lived ever since 1982 when I moved here from Toronto has once again turned to the left and to bicycle riding environmentalists and community activists for its new mayor and governing party. The election turnout was … Continue reading

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Fed and Bank of Canada hold back on rate rises: Stimulus continues Smart decisions

Recently both the Federal Reserve  and the Bank of Canada made smart decisions not to increase rates despite pressure from some less well informed quarters that they should do so as believers in the NAIRU rate are still convinced that … Continue reading

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British national debt 1690 to 1910

(originally published on my blogspot blog in 2010)   Over the years that I have researched the question of the national debt and its impact upon an economy I have always been astonished at how boldly politicians, journalists and others … Continue reading

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The Great Depression revisited

  ( Originally published February 20 , 2006 on my Harold Chorney political economist blog.I m republishing it here for the convenience of readers and students.   ) The Great Depression which began after the stock market crash in the fall … Continue reading

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Condolences to all those affected by the tragic events in Las Vegas and the terrible hurricanes, the earthquake in Mexico and a suggestion to help repair the damages.

Many millions of people in the US. have been tragically affected by the terrible hurricanes that swept through Florida, Texas, Louisiana,Puerto Rico, the Caribbean islands and now the horror of a mass shooting in Nevada.Mexico also suffered a tragic loss … Continue reading

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Poli 463 – updated outline Fall 2017

    Poli 463/2 Government and Business, course outline, Concordia University, Keynes versus monetarists before and after the crash of 2008 Prof.Harold Chorney Fall 2017 Course overview: This course explores the tools that are necessary to deal with the contemporary … Continue reading

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