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Conservative Job and Expenditure Cuts a Risky Approach to Recovery

Canada’s strong employment performance contrasts sharply with that of the United States (the government argues in its budget) Indeed our economy was less severely damaged than the American economy during and immediately after the crash. Chart 2.9 Total Employment Unemployment … Continue reading

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Canadian Conservative Government Budget Raises Eligibility Age for Old Age Pension, Cuts Spending and Eliminates 19000 plus public service jobs

The Canadian Minister of Finance has stubbornly flown in the face of expert advice from the Parliamentary Budget officer and unnecessarily raised the age of eligibility for Canadian old age pensions from 65 to 67. The change will be phased … Continue reading

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NDP Chooses its New Leader:Thomas Mulcair 33 881 votes

The Canadian social democratic movement has had 10 leaders in its history ever since the CCF was founded in 1932 in its founding convention in Calgary. All of them including Hazen Argue who switched to the Liberals after the CCF … Continue reading

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NDP Third Ballot Results:Mulcair 43.8 % Topp 31.6 % Cullen 24.6 %

Nathan Cullen has run an excellent campaign but fallen just short on the third ballot and so now drops off the ballot with the Convention having a clear choice between two somewhat different visions of the role of the NDP … Continue reading

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NDP convention electronic voting fiasco

For some very bizarre reason , apparently a cheaper price associated with the bid, the NDP chose an off shore Spanish computer firm to host the voting system for the convention. Unfortunately for the New Democrats this bad decision has … Continue reading

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Second NDP Ballot: Mulcair 38.3% Topp 25 % Cullen 19.9 % Nash 16.8%

The second ballot results seem to suggest that Thomas Mulcair is less likely to win the leadership but it is unclear who is more likely to defeat him Topp or Cullen. It will depend presuming that no one drops out … Continue reading

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NDP Leadership Ballot :Nathan Cullen in third place after first ballot a welcome development for possible NDP Liberal co-operation.

The first ballot results in the Canadian federal NDP leadership race have been announced. Because of the NDP’ s position as official opposition this leadership contest in Canada’s social democratic party is of critical importance in Canadian politics. The first … Continue reading

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