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The Great Shift in Conventional Wisdom: Deficit Hysteria Condemned as ”Bogglingly Stupid “Not Just by me But by bank economists in The Globe and Mail !

Well its been a very long time in coming to pass but finally my campaign against foolish dogma about deficits and public finance has borne fruit. I first started writing about the stupidity of fiscal orthodoxy in 1983. I had … Continue reading

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Oscar surprises: The Emerging Culture Wars in American politics

The Oscars this week were a welcome diversion from the flood of American primary politics that have monopolized the media over the past few weeks. The spectre of a very politically incorrect Donald Trump sweeping the Republican nomination from the … Continue reading

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The Passing of Stephen Clarkson: A Great Canadian Political Scientist A Canadian Nationalist, A liberal Urban Reformer and a Very Decent Human Being

I was very saddened to learn of the premature death of Stephen Clarkson at age 78 from the complications of influenza in Freiburg Germany. I got to know Stephen Clarkson a little during my PhD studies at the University of … Continue reading

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