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Sanders Economic Plan Sustained Stimulus Structural Change or Short Term Pump priming?

In order to properly assess the Sander’s economic plan one has to understand the original debate about economic stimulus that took place between Keynes, his closest followers , interpreters and his Treasury critics during the early 1930s. One also has … Continue reading

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Sanders Sweeps Clinton Trump Triumphs New Hampshire Primary

As of 12:06 a.m. the results in New Hampshire are as follows. In the Democratic party contest Bernie Sanders has secured a very decisive victory over Hillary Clinton wining 127,076 votes to Clinton’s 82,325, 60 % to 39 % with … Continue reading

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Dixville Notch reports first results in New Hampshire primary: Two other northern villages Hart’s Location and Millsfield also vote at midnight.

Its an old tradition dating back to the early 1950s in the case of Dixville Notch and its not scientific but its a fun way to begin the reportage of the key New Hampshire primary. In Dixville there will be … Continue reading

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Sanders Wins Virtual Tie with Clinton in Iowa;Cruz ahead of Trump and Rubio on Republican side; Will This Last ?

The Opening U.S. presidential primary in what promises to be an exciting race for political junkies took place in Iowa last night. There were a number of surprises at least for those who didn’t have their ear close to the … Continue reading

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