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Greek government puts EU final offer to referendum test: Unclear if it will pass but democratic option commendable

The Greek government led by Alexis Tsipras and the Syriza party has turned the tables on the austerity obsessed European union. I t has announced a referendum on the final offer presented to it by the EU, the ECB and … Continue reading

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Further views on Greece as signs of domestic opposition from pensioners and others badly affected by proposed deal’s likely measures

There is no doubt that a resolution of the Greek crisis is a desirable objective but there is also no doubt in my mind that increasing austerity in Greece on the backs of hard pressed pensioners  and the middle classes … Continue reading

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Greece finance minister releases full text of his statement on Greek negotiations as deal looks more likely By going to this address the reader will find Mr.Varoufakis’s views as he presented them to the EU negotiating group. They are comprehensive, will be controversial to some but very credible and pursuasive to many others.

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Greek Prime minister makes reasoned defense of Greece’s pension system:article in German paper Der Tagesspiegel

The Greek drama is approaching the crisis stage of the expiry of the current bailout and the unwillingness of its IMF. and EU creditors to reach a compromise deal to release funds to Greece in order to prevent it from … Continue reading

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US unemployment continues to improve; Japan grows and Greek crisis continues: Amartya Sen blasts austerity in New Statesman

Let us begin with the last item. Amartya Sen the Nobel prize winning economist with deep humanist convictions whose course on theories of value and distribution I followed while I was a grad student at the LSE has written an … Continue reading

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Jacques Parizeau passes away: Québec mourns builder of modern Québec

Jacques Parizeau has died at age 84. His death was announced by his wife Lisette Lapointe earlier today. Parizeau, whether one agreed with him or not about Québec sovereignty and the fracturing of Canada, was an intellectual with sophisticated technocratic … Continue reading

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