Electoral Roof falls in on Ed Miliband, Cameron wins 331 seats a clear majority:Polls Mislead.

Despite a hard fought campaign by Ed Miliband and polls which had suggested a neck and neck race in the British election the British Tories led by David Cameron have won a majority government in yesterday’s British election. The election was also a disaster for the Liberal democrats who lost 49 of their 57 seats. But it was unfortunately for British unionism and the Scottish Labour party a triumph for the Scottish nationalists who won 56 of the 59 seats in Scotland. They will be a serious trouble maker for the cause of unity in Great Britain  and a major lobby for promoting further devolution of powers and a second referendum sooner rather than later. Miliband  who is an intelligent intellectual and a competent political campaigner who fought a good campaign has nothing to be ashamed of, despite the grotesque caricature of him presented to the British public by the rabid Tory tabloid press in Britain. He has resigned the leadership and time will tell what role if any he will play in the future of the Labour party.

Cameron with 331 seats out of 650 has a very workable small majority which will enable him and the Tories to implement their neo-con program of further austerity,a referendum on staying or leaving the European union ;further cuts to the welfare state, further erosion  of the NHS and in economic policy more Thatcherite  anti -Keynesian policies unless some of the red tories on the back benches  balk at such a decisive rightward drift. We shall see what develops but I believe that tough times lie ahead for Britain’s poor and young people.

The election as the results displayed below show also will reawaken the demands for a reconsideration of the British anti democratic first past the post electoral system which we are also burdened with in Canada. The absurdities it produces are plainly there for all to see. For example the UKIP received 3.881 million votes but only elected 1 member.the Irish SDLP 99,809 votes but garnered 3 members. The Democratic unionists with 184,260 votes won 8 seats as compared to UKIP with only 1 despite receiving 21 times as many votes. the Greens got 1.157 million votes and 1 seat. The SNP got 1.454 million votes  but won 56 seats. The system is  awful in terms of its anti-democratic unfairness. As a percentage of the vote the Tories won 36.9 % of the vote but won 51 %of the seats. The Lib Dems got 2.416 million votes  and won 8 seats the same number the Democratic unionists won with 184,260 votes.  But with a Tory majority government nothing will be done about this for another five years.

Party                          Seats          Votes         percentage share

Conservatives         331               11,334,920          36.9 %

Labour                     232                9,344,920            30.4 %

SNP                            56                 1,454,436              4.7 %

LibDems                   8                    2,415888              7.9%

UKIP                         1                      3,881,129             12.6%

Green                        1                     1,157,613                3.8 %

Plaid Cymru             3                       181,694                0.6 %

Democ Unionist       8                      184,260                o.6 %

SDLP                         3                         99,809                0.3 %

Ulster Unionist        2                          114,935               0.4 %

Sinn Fein                   4                         176,232                0.6 %

Total  eligible voters  46,425      Voter turnout 66.1 %


About haroldchorneyeconomist

I am Professor of political economy at Concordia university in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I received my B.A.Hons (econ.&poli sci) from the University of Manitoba. I also completed my M.A. degree in economics there. Went on to spend two years at the London School of Economics as a Ph.D. student in economics and then completed my Ph.D. in political economy at the University of Toronto. Was named a John W.Dafoe fellow, a CMHC fellow and a Canada Council fellow. I also was named a Woodrow Wilson fellow in 1968 after completing my first class honours undergraduate degree. Worked as an economist in the area of education, labour economics and as the senior economist with the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation for the Government of Manitoba from 1972 to 1978. I also have worked as an economic consultant for MDT socio-economic consultants and have been consulted on urban planning, health policy, linguistic duality and public sector finance questions by the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan,the cities of Regina and Saskatoon, Ontario and the Federal government of Canada. I have also been consulted by senior leaders of the British Labour party, MPs from the Progressive Conservative party, the Liberal party and the New Democrats on economic policy questions. Members of the Government of France under the Presidency of Francois Mitterand discussed my work on public sector deficits. I have also run for elected office at the municipal level. I first began to write about quantitative easing as a useful policy option during the early 1980s.
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1 Response to Electoral Roof falls in on Ed Miliband, Cameron wins 331 seats a clear majority:Polls Mislead.

  1. shawna says:

    It appears you have made an excellent summary. I have obviously no way of validating your claims, however, regarding UK elections that a slim minority voted for David Cameron . A quesiton around POLLS MISLEAD and one can conclude it is entirely possible VOTE BALLOT COUNTS were MISLEADING too. Given what I can recall Mr. Cameron came on board late in the elections and didn’t really seem to give much of himself just a show here and there for the purposes of showing up it appears but has never given a hint of an idea in terms of issues that may arise in a time of a potential third economic crisis which was rather odd. He should have been well versed in ASSUMING this was possible given two global economic depressions prior to this latest election .

    An unfortold future for Ed Miliband it is hard to say who would be a better leader ….both are extremely arrogant and easily display that . Perhaps the posturing is a consequence of British style and they come by it honestly in this regard. Perhaps it is because they are wealthy and like to carry themselves in such a fashion as to cast a polished appearance and it does look smashing.

    Mr. Camerson has presided over the UK for a while now so this provides him an advantage in terms of exposure & experience as well, his age, he’s no spring chicken but like most males they look better with age.

    The truth is very painful and after all these millennia I have not heard a word recently about REINVESTING in YOUTH SERUM . I think its a priority !

    …..Age defying ‘ fixer’s’ shall we say who wants to grow old without a fight ? Not me , however I caught a bit of a break in this regard INHERITED GENES that age very slowly !

    Back to WORLD AFFAIRS , current politics and the GLOBAL MESS……I do agree with you in that we have heard very little from Mr. Cameron other than photo ops , he is a man who conveys very little interest , regard or even tolerance for the poor or young especially if you are the PUBLIC . The elite is his preferred company and in Canada he finds home base with the same leadership, they have a lot in common. All that said those 2 groups plus elderly compromise the largest weight on society in terms of management and how to problem solve the current problem and that was manageable before the year 2006 .

    I fear the DARKEST YEARS lay in the short distance ahead particularly in the AGE OF GLOBAL WARMING that quite frankly seems to be on ‘ speed dial. ‘ Who will they favor in terms of financial support , I suspect ? Obviously the youth it is their future vote and that would be their only interest. While I support youth I am very cognizant of what has transpired between the years 2006 and today and whose age group is most responsible, I am a victim of the same as are my children and some family. A difficult position for more reasons than you may know about

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