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Alvin Hansen, the right amount of money, deficit finance and the search for full employment.

Alvin  Hansen establishes early in his work, Monetary Theory and Fiscal policy that the power to create money is a force to be reckoned with. In the nineteenth century in the U.S.the private banks at the behest of their business … Continue reading

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Greek talks appear to fail:New elections very likely;anti-austerity a growing movement

According to the latest reports from Greece the talks among the three leading party leaders and the Greek president have failed to reach an agreement essentially because Syriza is sticking to its position and refusing to agree to enforcing  extreme … Continue reading

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One person’s expenditure is another person’s income

John Maynard Keynes often stressed the importance of investment and consumption in stimulating an economy to produce an appropriate supply of jobs. He also less frequently explained how austerity as a policy followed by governments could be very damaging to … Continue reading

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Market mayhem Dow drops 512 points: European and American double whammy need for stimulus not austerity

The Dow dropped over 512 points in today’s trading, the largest one day drop in points since the 2008 crash, arousing fears of a second crisis and a deeper  second recession. Given the destructive American debt ceiling debate, its austerity … Continue reading

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