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The Notwithstanding clause comes back to haunt us just as Pierre Trudeau warned it would. Ontario Premier Ford says he intends to use it to overcome a Superior court decision declaring his restructuring of Toronto city council in the midst of an election violates the charter of rights.

The increasingly clear indication from Ontario’s new right wing government is that it leans in. a very partisan disruptive direction and shows little respect for democratic rights and freedoms. It is nothing less than demagogic to argue the government is … Continue reading

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United Kingdom breathes sigh of relief:Scotland votes no 55%to 45% yes,Devolution on the way

In a hard fought exciting Scottish referendum contest with an overall turnout of 84.6% the No forces have won a clear victory 55.3 % to 44.7% Yes. The final numbers were only completely counted in the early hours of the … Continue reading

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