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The United Kingdom at the crossroads (I update this sometimes daily until the situation is clarified latest updates at the end of the post)

The British writers and historians Anthony Beevor and Artemis Cooper in 1994 co-authored a richly detailed history and narrative of Paris after the liberation 1944-1949 (London: Penguin Books revised edition, 2004) In the preface to the book they make a haunting … Continue reading

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Britain, Europe and the future of Brexit

This coming week, December the eleventh to be precise the United Kingdom and the European Union cross another major watershed. Prime Minister Theresa May will face a vote in Parliament on Tuesday on her proposed and already agreed to by … Continue reading

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Brexit vote very close Leave side ahead 51.3 % to 48.7% for Remain as count continues with 266 of 382 regions counted and declared

As of 11:20 Montreal time Thursday evening the Leave side is headed it would seem to a narrow victory in the Brexit referendum.They are currently ahead by 11,098 011 votes to 10 477 662 votes for Remain. The turnout was … Continue reading

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German High court approves the constitutionality of European Central Bank buying state debt

I have been away from my web site for some time recovering from the toil of exam grading and a bad case of spring flu. In that period of several months much has transpired including the tragic passing of a … Continue reading

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