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So Far So Good:New Liberal Canadian Government Stands Behind Its Stimulus Infrastructure Plan

It was good to see Minister of Immigration John McCallum who is an economist and the Minister of Finance Bill Morneau defend the Keynesian Liberal plan to use much needed new  investment infrastructure to promote economic growth, employment and innovation … Continue reading

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Japan increases its use of Quantitative Easing in effort to overcome deflation:stocks rise in response,Keynes on front cover of Business Week

The Governor of the Bank of Japan(BOJ) several days ago announced that the Bank would greatly increase its purchase of government debt financing bonds and expand its asset base and thereby its monetary base in a major effort to reverse … Continue reading

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Europe still mired in austerity, slow growth and possible recession and excessive unemployment

The situation in Europe continues to be worrisome and exasperating. The stubborn ideologically driven opposition to stimulating the economy through major infrastructure and employment creating investments and a supportive low interest monetary policy including where appropriate quantitative easing is long … Continue reading

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