Poli 610 AA 2020 Prof. H.Chorney take home test Dec.2 2020

Due back Friday December11 ,2020

Part one: write a paragraph or two on Five of the following: 30 %.5×6 %

  1. 1. Says law 2. Classical laissez-faire 3. Michal Kalecki. 4 the multiplier 5.Keynes and Bloomsbury 6. monetary policy and low unemployment 7.financial derivatives 8.Hayek and Keynes 9.John Kenneth Galbraith 10. Robert Bryce and Canadian economic policy 11.marginal propensity to consume 12. Milton Friedman 13. Economic Consequences of the Peace 14. G.E.Moore and Keynes 15. Hyman Minsky and uncertainty 16. The Great Depression 17. Q.E. and the bond market and interest rates 18. Brexit and Keynesian economic policy.

Part two :write an essay on two of the following topics=a separate essay per topic.2×35 =70

  1. 1. The essence of Keynes‘s General Theory (use equations or diagrams where appropriate)
  2. 2. Discuss the tenets of monetarism and assess how well or poorly the theory holds up after the crisis of 2008-09 and the current covid crisis
  3. 3.Discuss the Keynesian welfare state and how it reflects Keynes‘s values.

4. Discuss the origins of the IMF and the World Bank and the fate of bancor .

5. Compare Marx to Keynes.

6. Discuss the deficit and debt controversy and the impact of covid 19 on the debate.

7. Discuss Keynesian policy in the context of globalization.

8. Discuss Reagan and Thatcher and the rise of Neo-conservative economics.

9. Discuss the financial markets , speculation and derivatives and their impact.

10, Inequality and contemporary capitalism.


About haroldchorneyeconomist

I am Professor of political economy at Concordia university in Montréal, Québec, Canada. I received my B.A.Hons (econ.&poli sci) from the University of Manitoba. I also completed my M.A. degree in economics there. Went on to spend two years at the London School of Economics as a Ph.D. student in economics and then completed my Ph.D. in political economy at the University of Toronto. Was named a John W.Dafoe fellow, a CMHC fellow and a Canada Council fellow. I also was named a Woodrow Wilson fellow in 1968 after completing my first class honours undergraduate degree. Worked as an economist in the area of education, labour economics and as the senior economist with the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation for the Government of Manitoba from 1972 to 1978. I also have worked as an economic consultant for MDT socio-economic consultants and have been consulted on urban planning, health policy, linguistic duality and public sector finance questions by the governments of Manitoba, Saskatchewan,the cities of Regina and Saskatoon, Ontario and the Federal government of Canada. I have also been consulted by senior leaders of the British Labour party, MPs from the Progressive Conservative party, the Liberal party and the New Democrats on economic policy questions. Members of the Government of France under the Presidency of Francois Mitterand discussed my work on public sector deficits. I have also run for elected office at the municipal level. I first began to write about quantitative easing as a useful policy option during the early 1980s.
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