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After the Crash, Rediscovering Keynes and the Origins of quantitative Easing

Paper to be presented to the Mid West Political Science Association, Chicago, March, 2011 draft provisonal version By Harold R.Chorney Professor of Political economy, Concordia University Montréal, Québec Preface: More than twenty five years ago I began to write about … Continue reading

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A painting of mine from my collection

I call this painting ” Emily with roses”. I exhibited it along with several others more than  a year ago at a local show in the west island of Montreal. My mother Ethel Chorney was an accomplished China porcelain painter … Continue reading

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Bank of Japan injects liquidity to reduce risk aversion

The Bank of Japan has already begun to support the Japanese recovery and help overcome the anxiety and risk aversion that is bound to result from the terrible events of the past few days. they announced that they were buying … Continue reading

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Global turmoil from Japan to North Africa

The video and pictures from Japan continue to reveal the awesome and tragic devastation that resulted from the earthquake and following tsunami. Unfortunately, the death toll will likely rise to over 10,000 and the economic cost far exceed $ 35 … Continue reading

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I’m Back

Well its nice to be back on line after the hacker attack my e mail and blog suffered from last week. My blogspot site was attacked and although one can still visit it and view its contents I decided for … Continue reading

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Hello world!

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